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SUPPORT US - Chantier Damien

Chantier Damien is a group of volunteers from Belgium who support the infrastructural needs of leprosy and TB activities in countries where DFIT projects are located. Chantier Damien works in close relationship with Damien Foundation Belgium. The group is formed by individuals from different walks of life with the aim of supporting Leprosy and Tuberculosis control activities. The group generates the funds from its volunteers through fund-raising campaigns and by creating awareness. Every year Chantiers groups visit India to scout the new proposals and review the constructions and allocate budgets. Selected volunteers visit India every year and participate in construction activities. The Chantier Damien has so far constructed Primary Health Centres, Laboratories, hospitals, houses for persons affected by leprosy and they have also supported in house renovation in leprosy colonies. The work of Chantier Damien is highly appreciated as they not only contribute funds but also participate in the construction of the buildings by doing manual work like carpentry, masonary, and painting. The Chantier Damien has been consistently participating every year since 1993.

Chantiers Damein Volunteers have supported the following activities in the last 5 years.


  1. Renovation of 13 houses in Kasturba Kushth Colony, West Champaran District, Bihar
  2. Renovation of 33 houses in Sunderpur Kusth Colony, West Champaran District, Bihar
  3. Renovation of 32 houses in Gandhi Gram Little Flower Leprosy Colony, East Champaran District, Bihar
  4. Construction of 3 houses in East Champaran District, Bihar
  5. Construction of three houses, five rooms, bathroom-cum-toilet in Benitho Leprosy Colony, Trichy District, Tamilnadu


  1. Construction of Ulcer Ward in Claver Social Welfare Centre, Amda, Jharkhand District
  2. Renovation of 37 houses in Gandhi Kushth Ashram, Motihari, East Champaran district,
  3. Renovation of 30 houses in Kasthurba Kushth Kalyan Samasthan, Jawahar Colony,
    Siwan district, Bihar


  1. Renovation of 17 houses and construction of 4 toilets in Digha Pokar Lerposy Colony, East Champaran district, Bihar
  2. Renovation of 28 houses in Kaparthika Leprosy Colony, West Champaran District, Bihar
  3. Construction of 14 houses in Pananthoppu NagarLeprosy Colony, Salem, Tamilnadu
  4. Construction of a new kitchen and dining hall in Nilgiris Wynaad Tribal Welfare Society,
    Ambalamoola, Tamilnadu
  5. Construction of Doctor’s room in Margaret Leprosy & TB Hospital, Delhi
  6. Renovation of leprosy ward in St. Johns Leprosy Health Services, Trivandrum, Kerala


  1. Construction of physio care unit and ulcer dressing unit in Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation, Chilakalapalli, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Construction of kitchen and renovation of toilets in Holy Family Hansenorium, Fathimanagar, Trichy, Tamilnadu
  3. Renovation of 10 houses in Motipur Leprosy Colony, Bihar


  1. Renovation of 32 buildings in Marjaduwa Lerposy Colony, East Champaran District, Bihar
  2. Construction of Designated Microscopic Centre in Motipur Primary Health Centre, Muzaffarpur District, Bihar
  3. Construction of female ward, kitchen and dining hall in Anandapuram Rehabilitation Centre, Polambakkam, Tamilnadu