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PROJECTS - Socio-Economic Rehabilitation

Socio-economic rehabilitation program (Livelihood Enhancement Program - LEP) started by Damien Foundation in 2007 has progressed well over the years. The beneficiaries under this scheme are carefully selected and grouped under various categories like support for repair/construction of houses, providing livestock, financial assistance for education (self/children) and self employment. A few poor Tuberculosis patients are provided with food supplements during the period of treatment to sustain their commitment to the treatment. The selections of beneficiaries are done by committees formed by the projects with representation from management, staff and patients. The committees approve the selection after assessing the capabilities of the beneficiary to utilise the support. The applications are further prioritised by DFIT and forwarded to Damien Foundation, Belgium with their recommendations. This is being done twice a year. The program once implemented is periodically monitored by the field workers from the project and DFIT. A review report on the progress is sent every six months to Damien Foundation, Belgium.

The program since its inception has built the confidence of DFIT and projects in handling the socio-economic interventions. There are many success stories and a few failures, but the success has thrown open several opportunities and challenges in our effort to reach the needy patients. The positive factors of the programs are profound increase in the confidence of the patients, sense of belonging to the community, and a bit of pride in owning something. DFIT appreciates the commitment of all the participants in the program.

Year Livestock Self Employment House Renovation Educational Support Nutritional Support Total
2014 63 105 49 31 262 510
2013 125 57 20 6 950 1158
2012 165 100 29 6 210 510
2011 134 97 14 5 34 284