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Damien TB Research Centre (DTRC) - Darbhanga

Looking at the problem of MDR TB and to improve the efficacy of treatment prevent augmentation of Drug Resistance due to effective mono drug therapies, unknown resistance and improve treatment outcomes there was a felt to need for Culture & DST laboratory in the state, Damien Foundation India Trust In consultation with Govt. of Bihar, has established a well equipped laboratory with trained staff in Darbhanga for the diagnosis of MDR TB.

It provides diagnostic services in Drug Resistance TB patients for 6 districts and for follow up sputum examination in 13 districts. The laboratory has the facility to diagnose MDR TB through Rapid Molecular methods 'Line Probe Assay (LPA)' Follow up samples are processed with Solid Culture Methods. Government of India has certified this lab and granted accreditation for LPA first line drugs in October 2014.