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Damein Social Welfare Center - Dhanbad, Jharkand

Damien Social Welfare Centre(DSWC), Dhanbad is one of the premier institutions for leprosy care services in the State of Jharkhand which is known as Nirmala Referral Hospital for Leprosy. It began its Leprosy control activities in 1964. The main objective of the project is to facilitate Reconstructive Surgeries and manage chronic ulcers and caters to the surgical needs of persons affected by leprosy with disability. DFIT has partnered with Damien Social Welfare Centre, Dhanbad to improve access to leprosy referral services in the state of Jharkhand since 2014. The project has the essential infrastructure for managing leprosy related complications like physiotherapy, operation theatre, Inpatient and outpatient wards along with necessary expertise.


  • Perform reconstructive surgery for eligible deformed patients affected by leprosy.
  • Management of ulcers & complications at the hospital.
  • Support in supervision and monitoring of POD programme.
  • Providing protective footwear and other needy appliances to persons with disability.
  • Socio Economic Rehabilitation for eligible persons.
  • Create community awareness on leprosy.
  • Facilitating POD programme at district level.