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Damien Foundation Urban Leprosy & TB Research Centre - Nellore

Damien Foundation Urban Leprosy & TB Centre & Damien TB Research Centre (DFULTRC) located in Nellore town, Potti Sri Ramulu Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh is directly operated by DFIT. The project started Leprosy services in 1993 and TB in 1998. Soon after integration the project continued to be a referral centre for leprosy care and reconstructive surgery. The State has officially recognised this centre for RCS for the three districts (Prakasam, Kadapa and Nellore).

The project has a Designated Microscopy Centre covering a population of 115,000 in Nellore town for TB control services.

The lab started functioning since 2009. The lab is accredited for LJ culture & DST and Line Probe Assay (LPA) by Central TB Division. The lab provides services to Nellore, Anantpur, Kadapa, Prakasam, Chittoor and Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh.

DOTS Plus Site

DFULTC is a recognized DOTS Plus Site since 2012 for covering 6 districts of AP presently it covers Prakasam & Nellore. DRTB patients are admitted in the centre for pretreatment evaluation and after the initiation of treatment kept in the centre for observation and discharged to continue the domestic treatment.

Activities - Leprosy

  • Perform reconstructive surgery for eligible deformed patients affected by leprosy.
  • Management of ulcers & complications at the hospital.
  • Support in supervision and monitoring of POD programme.
  • Providing protective footwear and other needy appliances to persons with disability.
  • Socio Economic Rehabilitation for eligible persons.
  • Create community awareness on leprosy.
  • Facilitating POD programme at district level.

Activities - TB

  • Diagnosis and treatment of TB cases.
  • Inpatient management for patients with complications.
  • Supervision and monitoring of patients under DOT.
  • Arrange DOT providers for each patient.
  • Nutritional supplement to poor TB cases.
  • Community awareness on TB.
  • Establishing sputum collection centres where ever necessary.
Damien Foundation Urban Leprosy & TB Centre
Bakthavatchala Nagar, AK Nagar Post
Nellore, Potti Sri Ramulu District
Andhara Pradesh - 524004
Phone: +91-861-2325163

Project Holder Mr. Nabi Thiyagarajan
Staff Hospital Staff - 16; Field Staff - 8
Facilities Tertiary care hospital with 37 beds for Leprosy, TB & DRTB; DMC and RCS Center, MCR Unit, DRTB Diagnostic Lab