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Claver Social Welfare Centre - Amda

The Project is situated in Saraikela district of Jharkhand State and offers Leprosy care through the out-patient clinic and in-patient facility with trained health staff.

The project in 2009, started support to Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation (DPMR) services in Saraikela District and 7 additional districts - (E.Singhbhum, W.Singbhum, Logardagga, Gumla, Simdega, Deoghar and Godda). In Sareikela, 33% of the leprosy affected persons were found practicing self care but it was less than 10% in the other districts. It was found that 45% of the persons were monitored by health workers in Saraikela but less than 10% in other districts. Through DPMR 27 persons had undergone Reconstructive Surgery.


  • Perform reconstructive surgery for eligible deformed patients affected by leprosy.
  • Management of ulcers & complications at the hospital.
  • Support in supervision and monitoring of POD programme.
  • Providing protective footwear and other needy appliances to persons with disability.
  • Socio Economic Rehabilitation for eligible persons.
  • Create community awareness on leprosy.
  • Facilitating POD programme at district level.
Claver Social Welfare Centre
Claver Bhavan, PO Amda
Saraikela, Kharswan
Jharkhand - 833101
Phone: +91-6583-252714

Incharge Person Fr. Anthony Panneerselvam, Director
Staff Hospital staff - 3; Field staff - 3;
Admin staff - 3; Other staff - 3
Facilities Hospital with 16 beds
Budget Rs. 21,62,810