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Assisi Sevasadan Hospital - Nagepalli

Assissi Seva Sadan Hospital is situated in Alapalli, Gatchiroli district of Maharashtra state. The project is providing health care services to tribal population in a difficult terrain through a team of dedicated staff. The project has engaged 5 field staff from the tribal population who can speak the tribal dialect and they are supporting TB and leprosy related activities in five PHCs covering a population of 100,000.

IEC Program

Activities - Leprosy

  1. Management of ulcers & complications at the hospital.
  2. Training all GH staff in POD care.
  3. Support in supervision and monitoring of POD programme.
  4. Providing protective footwear and other needy appliances to persons with disability.
  5. Refer eligible cases for reconstructive surgery.
  6. Socio Economic Rehabilitation.
  7. Community awareness on leprosy.

Activities - TB

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of TB cases.
  2. Inpatient management for patients with complications.
  3. Supervision and monitoring of patients under DOT.
  4. Arrange DOT providers for each patient.
  5. Nutritional supplement to poor TB cases.
  6. Community awareness on TB.
  7. Establishing sputum collection centres where ever necessary.
Assissi Sevasadan Hospital
Nagepalli, Allapalli PO
Gadchirolli District
Maharashtra - 422703. Phone:+91-7133-266461

Incharge Person Dr. Sr. Marina Francis, Project Holder
Staff Hospital staff - 3, Field staff - 9
Admin staff - 1
Facilities Hospital with 10 beds and DMC
Budget Rs. 15,46,492