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Anandapuram Rehabilitation Centre - Polambakkam

Anandapuram Rehabilitation Centre is located in Kancheepuram district of Tamilnadu and managed directly by Damien Foundation India Trust. Damien Foundation initiated its activities in India through this project five decades ago. At present, the home has facility with 8 rooms, kitchen and 15 persons affected with leprosy are living here. This project supports DPMR activities in Kancheepuram district and 22 Medical Officers and 328 health workers are trained in POD. Around 60% of plantar ulcers have healed through self-care. Among the persons with disability assessed, 65% are found practicing self care and 42% of health staff are monitoring persons with disabilities. Through Livelihood Enhancement Programme (LEP) 11 leprosy affected persons in Kancheepuram district are provided livestock.

DPMR - Patient monitroing at his residence by GH staff


Anandapuram Rehabilitation Centre
Damien Foundation India Trust
Polambakkam Village & Post
Kancheepuram District, Tamilnadu - 603309
Phone: +91-44-27544258

Incharge Person Mr. Ilango Yesu, Project Incharge
Staff Staff at home - 5; Field staff - 2
Facilities Home (19 bedded dormitory) with kitchen and dining
Main Activities 1. Total care is given to the persons living     there
2. Supported POD activities in     Kancheepuram District
3. Livelihood Enhancement Programme     (LEP)