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Damien Foundation India Trust (DFIT) is a charitable Non-Governmental Organisation working for Leprosy and TB Control Activities in India is supported by Damien Foundation Belgium. It offers Leprosy and TB related services either directly through its own projects or through local NGO projects. It is also involved in strengthening Leprosy and TB Control Programmes of the Government through activities like capacity building. The organisation started its chapter of leprosy control activities in a village in South India in 1955, TB control in 1996 and now covers a population of 112,159,849 across eight states. The main character of Damien Foundation is the quality of services, which are delivered in close partnership with the community and the Government.


At present Damien Foundation implements leprosy and TB Control activities through three types of projects:

  1. Own Projects (4) with hospital and field based care
  2. NGO projects (11) with hospital and field based care
  3. District Consultancy Teams in North India (11) and in South India (6)
  4. Government Partnership Projects (Multi-Drug Resistant TB - 2 Labs)

Nine projects provide referral services including reconstructive surgery for persons with leprosy related deformity. One of the most pressing needs is the socio-economic support to rehabilitated leprosy affected persons. Damien Foundation tries to address the problems of such displaced individuals by helping them improve their livelihood through income generating schemes or construction of dwellings or through educational support. The progress is monitored through field visits, review meetings and reports. Major projects are subjected to external evaluation at least once in two years.


Damien Foundation India Trust offers quality services, both medical and social, to people in need, either directly or through NGOs, Civil Society organisations or Government.


To reach and serve persons affected by Leprosy or TB, medically and socially.