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New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust - Chilakalapalli

The Leprosy Control Unit and Training Centre established by Gandhi Memorial Leprosy Foundation, at Chilakalapalli in 1953 were the earliest centres in the country for evolving the strategy for leprosy control and training of special cadre of health staff to work for leprosy control. Prior to integration, all leprosy services were provided in the area of 4 PHCs. After integration, the project started supporting DPMR activities from 2008 in 14 PHCs and subsequently expanded its services to all 66 PHCs in Vizianagaram district from 2012. This project was handed over to New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust, Kottavalsa to continue the activities from 2012.

The main activities of the project are training PHC staff and supporting them in diagnosis and treatment of leprosy, provision of DPMR services to 2900 cases with disabilities, in-patient care to cases with complications, refer suitable cases for RCS and provide LEP assistance to deserving poor and leprosy affected persons with disabilities.


New Hope Rural Leprosy Trust
Chilakalapalli PO. Balijipeta
Vizianagaram District
Andhra Pradesh - 535557
Phone: +91-8944-256265

Project Holder Mr. P.Sivaramakrishna
Staff MO - 1 (Part time); PT - 1; PMW - 1; Admn. Staff - 1; Other Staff - 6
Facilities Out patient clinic, Hospital with 21 beds.