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Damien Foundation was registered as a Trust in 1992 and is managed by the following trustees:

Trust Members

Name Designation
Dr. P. Krishnamurthy President
Mr. Koen Van Den Abeele Director, DFB
Mr. Alex Jaucot Director Projects, DFB
Mr. R. Subramanian Treasurer
Mr. A. L. Somayaji Member
Dr. Mannam Ebenezer Member
Dr. S. Raja Samuel Member
Mr. S. Jayaraman Member
Dr. M. Shivakumar Secretary, DFIT


Trust Members - Damien Foundation India Trust

The Staff

The head office of Damien Foundation India Trust is located at Chennai, Tamilnadu, South India and is managed by the Secretary with the assistance from five senior staff. A total of around 386 well-trained staff with considerable field experience provide quality support services to persons affected by leprosy or tuberculosis.

Team - Damien Foundation India Trust